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MSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition

BSc Nutritional Sciences 


  • Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr)

  • 'Women Are Not Small Men' course with Dr Stacy Sims 

  • Menopause 2.0 Course Dr Stacy Sims

  • ISAK Level 1

  • UKAD approved

Founder and Performance Nutritionist (SENr)
Louisa is a qualified performance nutritionist who provides evidence-based nutrition support. She has a BSc in Nutritional Sciences and a Masters in Sport and Exercise Nutrition. After four years of education, she continued learning and experience working with a range of professional athletes and clients who are uniquely different in their nutrition needs. Louisa can equip you with the tools to take your performance, body and health to the next level. 
She has worked with semi-professional and professional athletes, varying from ultra-endurance athletes to football, cricket, basketball, netball and CrossFit athletes.
A highlight of her career working in the US with the NBA, preparing players for the 2022 pre-draft. 
Specialising in women's health, nutrition, hormones and performance, she prioritises education across the female lifespan from puberty, menstruation, and peri-menopause to menopause. Coming from a sporting background, she competed across sports: swimming, netball, tennis and cross-country. Her sporting journey and health struggles sparked her desire to understand how female physiology differed from men so she could help coach similar women to achieve the same.
C O A C H I N G  A P P R O A C H  

Louisa provides professional advice, addressing the unique nutritional needs across the female lifespan. She prioritises hormone health and building a positive relationship with food to ensure her clients attain better long-term results.
Her coaching approach is rooted in empathy, education, and empowerment. She firmly believes that informed choices are the most effective ones. When working with clients, she takes the time to understand their individual needs and goals. She collaborates with her clients to create personalised nutrition plans that improve their physical performance and overall well-being and are tailored to each client's unique physiology. Her holistic approach incorporates nutrition and mental and emotional well-being, addressing stress, self-esteem, and body image concerns.
Whether you want to prepare for an upcoming event, regain your menstrual cycle or deep dive into a health concern -  she will work closely with you to reach your goals sustainably.

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