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Founder and Performance Nutritionist (SENr)

Louisa is a qualified performance nutritionist who provides evidence-based support. She has a BSc in Nutritional Sciences and a Masters in Sport and Exercise Nutrition. Louisa strongly believes in a food-first approach, focusing on fuelling strategies to improve performance. 

She has worked closely with semi-professional and professional athletes, varying from ultra-endurance athletes to Yorkshire County Cricket, football and rugby players. Most recently, working in the US with the NBA, preparing players for the 2022 pre-draft.

pecialising in women's health and performance, she focuses on educating females to use methods such as menstrual cycle mapping to attain better long-term results. Importantly, Louisa believes in avoiding a  performance plateau by working with your physiology rather than against it. 

Whether you want to achieve a specific fitness goal or prepare for an upcoming event, she will work closely with you to reach your ambitions sustainably. 



MSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition

BSc Nutritional Sciences 



  • Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr)

  • 'Women Are Not Small Men' course with Dr Stacy Sims 

  • ISAK Level 1

  • UKAD approved

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